7 Beautiful Elderflower Dishes Blooming Across the Country

Photos courtesy of respective restaurants

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7 Beautiful Elderflower Dishes Blooming Across the Country

This is the time of year when every bar seems to have some spin on the elderflower cocktail. It’s delicious, but there’s so much more we could be doing to appreciate the season of the elderberry itself.

“When summer starts, wild elderflowers bloom like crazy in the prairies by my home. I will go out and literally fill garbage bags with these beautifully fragrant wildflowers — their smell reminds me of summertime,” said Jimmy Papadopoulos of Chicago’s central European-inspired restaurant, Bohemian House.

“Once I get them back to the restaurant, our pastry chef Jessica [Vazquez] will begin infusing the flowers into ice cream bases, honey, syrups for cocktails, and more,” Papadopoulos says. “We have dried them to infuse cordials and we will even make vinegar out of them to preserve that beautiful aroma of summer.”

We rounded up a few great spots around the country doing really fun things with elderberries and elderflowers this season.

Photos courtesy of respective restaurants. Elderberry photo by Andy Rogers CC BY-SA. Elderflower photo by Nick Saltmarsh CC BY.