All the March Food Holidays You Need to Know About

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All the March Food Holidays You Need to Know About

March was named after Mars, the Roman god of war. The month itself represents a battle of seasons, where the promise of spring rumbles against the tenacity of winter (unless you live in San Diego or something, in which case can I come visit you?) Mars was also the guardian of agriculture, and this month signals the beginning of the farming and gardening season for many who flaunt green thumbs.

Speaking of green, there’s a mid-month event that honors the dude who brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle that somehow involves green beer, followed up with a big celebration of the resurrection of Christ that somehow involves green plastic grass. If you’re a secularist, no worries: March still holds plenty of opportunities to make merry with food. Including Oreos (green filling is optional).

Sara Bir loves Oreos, but just the classic kind. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.