Rise and Shine at Berlin's Monthly Breakfast Market

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Rise and Shine at Berlin's Monthly Breakfast Market

The Breakfast Market takes place every third Sunday at Berlin’s Markthalle Neun, a 100-year-old market hall that’s now well known for its popular Street Food Thursday, farmers’ market, and food festivals. This month the Breakfast Market doubled up to include workshops, debates, and stalls with a bread-themed focus, as part of an initiative to share the meaning of healthy bread—with artisan bakeries, methods and high-quality regional and sustainable ingredients on show.

There were stands showing everything from kids eagerly milling their own flour to wheat from the field, and of course a wide variety of delicious breads, from typical German pretzels to a fresh take on naan with the “Naanwich.”

Elizabeth Rushe is a freelance writer and photographer from Ireland, living in Berlin. She bakes a mean Irish soda bread. What’s that you’re eating? Answers to @elizafoxxx.