$160,000 Worth of Stolen Wisconsin Cheese Has Been Recovered

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In January, $160,000 worth of cheese was stolen in two daring cheese heists in Marshfield and Germantown Wisconsin. In Marshfield, Wisconsin, 41,000 pounds of Parmesan cheese worth $90,000 was stolen from a Marshfield distributor. The cheese taken from Germantown was worth $70,000.

In Germantown, thieves used a semi-tractor to lift the trailer containing the delicate cheeses. Although Germantown police discovered the semi-tractor, police reported that the trailer was empty. This month, those stolen cheeses, which consisted mostly of Cheddar cheese, were later located by police at a Milwaukee grocery store, but authorities deemed it unsellable, so they disposed of it in a landfill.

Police have now recovered the $90,000 worth of Parmesan cheese. Marshfield police detective Kevin Hamill stated that the information on the whereabouts of the cheese during the lost time must be determined before the state makes a decision on the disposal of the cheese. If the state can’t gain information about what happened to the cheese or the information discovered is unsatisfactory, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection will deem the cheese unsellable.

The police are treating the thefts as criminal operations, but they believe the thefts are unrelated. Currently, there are no suspects, but it may or may not be a gang of plucky mice.