NYC Celebrates the 10th Annual Stinky Cheese Week

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NYC Celebrates the 10th Annual Stinky Cheese Week

Just the mention of certain foods make eyes brighter and life lighter. Chocolate, champagne and cheese all have those effects. Cheese, particularly, creates a physical, mental and perhaps, even spiritual effect on its eater.

It’s easy to see why NYC has been celebrating fromage with a special menu for a decade now. Seven restaurants with unsurprisingly-French names participated: Nice Matin, Marseille, Café D’Alsace, Le Monde, Pigalle, French Roast and L’Express. While cheese is often a topping or appetizer, this menu makes cheese the centerpiece of every dish, proving that no one puts Babybel in the corner. From gorgonzola ice cream to raclette bisque, this menu is what dreams are made of. If you who didn’t get a
chance to try it this year, here are a few delights. Try not to lick your screens, but no judgment if you do.

1. Danielle Meyers 2. Jackie Gordon 3. @Carnivorr 4. @FrenchRoast 5. @FrenchRoast 6. Danielle Meyers 7. @NiceMatin 8. @FrenchRoast

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