I Went to the Unbelievable New Cheetos Museum

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I Went to the Unbelievable New Cheetos Museum

A few days ago I got an email. It said:

Exhibit Celebrates Second Annual Search for the Most Unique Cheetos Shapes, With $150,000 Up for Grabs – Cheetos Museum Exhibit Now Open at Times Square Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”

Naturally, I was entranced. Some combination of Cheetos, Times Square, Ripleys and Big Cash Prizes is exactly what I’m looking for in life, so I continued reading. It was a hard sell, and it was working. Suddenly I had a terrible urge for a bag of Cheetos and a wad of cash. The email said:

The Cheetos Museum is partnering with Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Times Square this summer in an unbelievable exhibit of more than 128,900 Cheetos shaped into individual pieces of art. Visitors can immerse themselves in an experience of endless halls of one-of-a-kind Cheetos shapes in a mirror-lined infinity room.”

For those who can’t visit the exhibit, there’s a contest being held at the online Cheetos Museum where fans can submit their most creative shapes from both the Cheesy and Flamin’ Hot varieties with prizes worth $150,000 up for grabs, with $50,000 going to the Grand Prize Winner.” I planned to go the very next day. There was no time to waste.

As for me, I’m going to plan a party because I bought way too many Cheetos to eat by myself. And I’ll give out gift bags of Cheetos, too, because if I don’t win the prize, it would be really great if one of my friends does.

The call for submissions will be twice as fun – or some would say HOT – as Cheesy and Flamin’ Hot fans submit unique finds in each category. From May 29 through August 6, fans can simply submit a photo and the story of their one-of-a-kind Cheetos shape at www.CheetosMuseum.com or submit through Instagram, @cheetos, and Twitter, @ChesterCheetah, using #CheetosMuseum #Contest. Submissions will be judged weekly based on the creativity of the Cheetos shape description, and how closely the shape resembles that description. Two weekly winners, one Cheesy and one Flamin’ Hot, will be awarded $5,000 each, totaling $100,000 in prize money awarded.

In August, the Cheetos brand will then turn the voting over to the public to determine the grand prize winning shape. Fans will choose which makes the better Cheetos masterpiece – Flamin’ Hot or Cheesy – when the top Flamin’ Hot shape and the top Cheesy shape go head-to-head”. The owner of the Cheetos shape with the most votes will receive an additional $50,000 grand prize and have his or her shape displayed as a part of the famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium’s collection – earning a place in artistic history.

Karen Resta is a writer, a food culturalist, and a sometimes-fashionista who mostly loves ice cream and Brooklyn.