America's Favorite Comfort Food Has Been Determined

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America's Favorite Comfort Food Has Been Determined

Today the ranking website Ranker closed their poll on America’s favorite comfort food. With an impressive 34K votes tallied, the top 50 results must carry some weight, right?

The top ten comfort foods were as follows:

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
2. Chocolate
3. Pizza
4. Ice Cream
5. French Fries
6. Macaroni and Cheese
7. Chocolate Chip Cookies
8. Mashed Potatoes
9. Fried Chicken
10. Spaghetti & Meatballs

The top 10 is hardly surprising, but Ranker’s top 50 includes some puzzling results. For example, mozzarella sticks come in at just #24, despite basically being cylindrical, snackable grilled cheeses themselves. Tomato soup is ranked a lowly #48, demonstrating a total inability to ride grilled cheese’s coattails, despite the deliciousness of their pairing. And perhaps most disturbing of all, tacos don’t even make the list. Sacrilege!

Find the full list here, and debate your friends and loved ones about why burritos deserved to be much higher than #17. (Warning: don’t read on an empty stomach.)