5 Beer-Based Desserts You'll Want to Make ASAP

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5 Beer-Based Desserts You'll Want to Make ASAP

Each and every one of us has a good excuse to be totally stressed out right now. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you with beer and dessert. Not as separate items, but combined together—which is kind of like gaining a superpower. So get your apron on and get cooking—here’s five ways to ease your pain:

1. Chocolate Guinness Beer Cake

Love chocolate? Of course you do. You’re lucky, because chocolate goes really well with dark beers—and with stout most particularly. In this recipe for chocolate Guinness beer cake the three magical ingredients of chocolate, beer and sugar unite to create a cake that gives a lot more than it takes. If you like to experiment with recipes, try different coffee varieties or other dark beers in the recipe without altering the proportions.

2. Beer Ice Cream

You’ve never made beer ice cream Nothing’s better than a two-scoop beer ice cream cone drizzled with bittersweet chocolate sauce then topped with wet walnuts. This recipe offers information on using different beers for different flavor profiles. It really doesn’t matter whether the weather says “beach” or “blizzard”—any celebration will have that added bit of sophistication when finished with a beer ice cream cone.

3. White Beer Cookies

white beer cookies.png Photo by thethrillstheyyield, CC-BY
Keeping it simple, here’s some white beer cookies to whip up. Great for snacks, as lunchbox treats, for Book Club or PTA meetings (or maybe for breakfast with some Irish coffee?) This recipe keeps is basic, but if you want a fancier cookie there’s no reason to not add some rainbow sprinkles or silver dragées to top. The only problem with these cookies is deciding which beer to pair them with.

4. Guinness Milkshake

A Guinness milkshake is perfect as a quick dessert after a simple meal of burgers, steak or ratatouille. This recipe is so simple it could become part of a daily ritual. It’s worthwhile exploring different ice cream and beer combinations, after you get the basics down. Switch out the vanilla ice cream to a coffee ice cream, the Guinness for a lambic?

5. Ice Cream with Belgium Ale, Chocolate, Coffee and Black Olives

You’ll need some serious cooking chops for this one: It’s Modernist Cuisine. Among the parts of this complex recipe are licorice sponge cake and beer jelly. The recipe was created by two-time Michelin star chef Jordi Cruz at Barcelona’s award-winning Angle, located inside Hotel Cram. “Evolutionary and restless,” the level of flavor, texture and composition explored in this dessert is extraordinary.

Photo by Chris Schrier, CC-BY

Karen Resta is a writer, a food culturalist, and a sometimes-fashionista who mostly loves ice cream and Brooklyn.