5 Delicious Desserts To Make With Store Bought Cookie Dough

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This time of year, everyone is showing off their baking skills. When you don’t actually possess any baking skills, it’s easy to feel a little left out. No one wants to show off their frozen pies and store-bought cookies on Pinterest, but even the worst bakers among us can turn simple ingredients into fancy desserts. Especially that old stand-by, store-bought cookie dough.

With these five dessert recipes, you’ll be able to bring something more impressive than a plate of obviously pre-made cookies to Thanksgiving dinner without having to work much harder than that. In this case, the most difficult task is going to be not eating all of the cookie dough you’re supposed to be serving to friends and family.

BettyCrocker-CookiePie.jpg via Betty Crocker

Cookie Pie Crust

Pretty much the only way to make a pie better is to give it a buttery cookie crust. When you’re making your holiday pies this season, consider giving your classic pumpkin recipe a boost with an easy to make cookie pie crust. Flatten cookies slightly with a rolling pin, then press into a pie pan and pinch the seams together. Trim the edges, and bake at the temperature recommended on the package. Watch it closely, though — thinner cookies will cook (and burn) more quickly.

CookieCake.jpg via Pillsbury

Cookie Cake

Instead of giving the grocery store too much money for a mediocre cookie cake, make your own at home. In this case, you basically just bake your cookies too close together until they form one big dessert. Get creative with frosting, caramel, chopped nuts, and other toppings for a really creative birthday cake or party dessert that requires no actual baking skills.

cookie-bowl-tip-test5.jpg via The Kitchn

Cookie Ice Cream Bowls

We’ve all seen the Pinterest fails, and that’s because cookie ice cream bowls can be pretty complicated to make. If you’ve got the stamina to perfectly roll out cookie dough to the proper thickness and think you’ve got the cooking chops to make it happen, these chocolate chip cookie ice cream bowls will be the most impressive dessert you serve all year long.

pralinebrookies.jpg via Pillsbury


You’ll need a box of brownie mix, too, but combining these two classic desserts is never a bad idea. This recipe for praline brookies, a Pillsbury Bake-Off winner, involves partially baking a pan of brownies, pressing a layer of cookie dough on top, and completing the whole she-bang with a praline crunch. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors — red velvet and cheesecake brookies are totally a thing.

snickerdoodletruffle.jpg via Pillsbury

Cookie Dough Truffles

If there were an award for “easiest impressive dessert,” cookie dough truffles would run away with it. To make this delicious no-bake confection, you basically just dip small balls of cookie dough into melted chocolate, and then use your imagination from there. A drizzle of peanut butter or sprinkling of chopped nuts certainly wouldn’t hurt anything.

Amy McCarthy is Paste’s Assistant Food Editor.

Photo: Ginny, CC BY-SA