February Instagallery: #HeartShapedFood

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February Instagallery: #HeartShapedFood

February 14 is traditionally a day for lovers, but in more recent times has become a day to celebrate feminism, friendship among women, and other awesome things. I’m a bit old school, as Valentine’s Day is a day where I celebrate love – love of food, that is. Seeing food presented in heart-shapes just makes my own heart feel bigger. And it’s not just chocolates anymore: heart-shaped sushi, heart-shaped donuts, heart-shaped eggs. Even a heart-shaped potato chip.

I think I’m in love.

1. @chifhymissbubbly 2. @fit_girl_gypsy 3. @twinkandsis 4. @food.rehab 5. @eatwithmai 6. @david_and_dustins_mommy
7. @tul.i 8. @whitpopa 9. @zzjanzz 10. @na_nasferferi 11. @momendeavors

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