How to Make Tortellini and Ravioli by Hand

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Now that you’ve learned the tips and gotten the gadgets you need for pasta success, you’re on to the next level: stuffed pasta.

There are two major types of stuffed pastas: tortellini and ravioli. Ravioli is typically square or round with crimped edges, while tortellini are rounded, more like a doughnut than a flat pocket. Both can be made industrially on a machine, but tortellini is considerably harder to make in large batches at home. Ravioli, on the other hand, can be created with a simple attachment to your pasta machine or KitchenAid. Let’s pretend we don’t have one of those, and see how they’re made by hand. In the gallery above, we’ll show you two ways to make ravioli, and one way to make tortellini. Which is your favorite?

Sarah Lawrence is Paste’s Graphic Designer and Design Editor. When she’s not at a computer (which is most of the time), she’s either talking to people about making pasta, thinking about weird new side projects or drawing shit every day. Follow her on Twitter @whiskeyfoxxtrot for the GIFs, or check out her Skillshare class on handmade pasta here.