Food Adventures: Brooklyn Lobster Takedown

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Food Adventures: Brooklyn Lobster Takedown

It was a fight to the death (for some lobsters, at least).

At September 18th’s Brooklyn Lobster Takedown at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Gowanus, homecooks battled head-to-head in a chance for glory—and some cool Anolon, Wüsthof, Cuisinart and Microplane cookware. Eleven contestants participated with crustacean-filled dishes, ranging from cold soup and dumplings, to sandwiches and decadent lobster ‘n’ grits. I got to judge the contestants. Here’s a peek into that ridiculously indulgent experience.

Sara Ventiera is a roaming eater and traveler who looks for amusing stories across the United States. She works from New York, Los Angeles and various places in between. Her work has appeared in theVillage Voice, New York Daily News, Zagat, and more.