March Instagallery: Waffles

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March Instagallery: Waffles

In the US, National Waffle Day is celebrated on August 24. In Sweden, it’s March 25. Which begs the question, “Can’t every day be Waffle Day?”

The reason waffle day is celebrated on this day in Sweden is because it is the day of the Annunciation Vårfrudagen which kind of sounds like Waffle Day. In a classic comedy of errors, the religious holiday also became a food holiday, where Swedes take a moment out of their day to partake in these griddle delights.

The waffle has origins dating back to pre-renaissance times, and a recipe for it can even be found in the Medieval French woman’s guidebook, Le Ménagier de Paris (1393). Waffles have won the test of time, being equally popular centuries later, and coming in all sorts of variations. Some choose to make them savory with cheese or avocados, while others double up on the sweet, with Nutella and ice cream. But friends, please remember: no matter what day it is, make sure to have a Happy Waffle Day.

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