May Instagallery: Macarons

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May Instagallery: Macarons

May 31 marks National Macaron day, but these delightful cookies can be eaten all year round. Made from almond flour, sugar and egg whites, the pastry is simple yet so complex in flavor. Historian Dominique Michelle believes the cookie’s origin comes from Syria during the time of trade in the Renaissance when Europeans imported almonds. Macarons were famously served at Catherine de Medici’s wedding to the Henry II of France, after which they became very popular in France and underwent many variations. At first it was served as a single cookie, and in the 1800s, a relative of Louis Ernest Ladurée’s filled two halves with ganache, stuck them together, and made them whole. In contemporary times, the macaron is once again evolving, taking on different shapes and flavors.

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