Food in Art: Nicoletta Ceccoli

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Food in Art: Nicoletta Ceccoli

Food in fine art appears in various forms, from a simple object to a complex symbol. Pop Surrealist painter Nicoletta Ceccoli uses it in a way unlike any other, anthropomorphizing food to create a carnality of gluttony, lust and sanguinity. Her work draws the viewer into a fairytale nightmare, one with vicious sausages, ice-cream cone babes and tempting gingerbread men. Like the edible house in Hansel and Gretel, these sugary pastels entice both the eye and the mind’s morbid curiosity. On the relationship between food and art, Ceccoli states that, “These works are meant to convey the spirit of guilty pleasures, and an appetite for desires that are not always fulfilled. Suggested in these sugar-coated wonderlands is a murmur of anxiety because carefree pleasures inspire me to lose control of my better instincts.”

This October, Ceccoli has her third solo show at AFA, Play with Me. The new collection features Dulcis Agata, a portrait of Saint Agatha, the patron saint of breast cancer. In a collaboration with the National Breast Cancer foundation, a limited-edition print of her new painting, Dulcis Agata, will be auctioned off, with 100 percent of its proceeds benefiting the foundation. The collection can be viewed in October at AFA’s SoHo location, while information on the auction can be found at the gallery’s website.

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