Celebrate National Pizza Day with Local Pizza-Ordering Platform Slice

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Celebrate National Pizza Day with Local Pizza-Ordering Platform Slice

Look, tomorrow, Feb. 9, is National Pizza Day, and it’s possible to celebrate in style even if you don’t have the dough to order some gourmet pizza that includes balsamic vinegar reduction as an ingredient.

For starters, don’t chow down on something like a Pizza Lunchable or a Bagel Bite. That’s just gonna cheese off some Supreme Pizza Deity. If you can carve out a slice of free time in the day, go and eat at your local pizza joint, rather than order from one of the big chains. Two extra large pizzas for six bucks is a good monetary deal, but it’s also a deal with the devil. To cut costs, go with a friend and split the difference. Provided your pal isn’t a sardine and pineapple person, that could be a perfectly fine way to celebrate.

If planning or reading through Yelp reviews to find the ideal pizzeria isn’t your thing, there’s an app called Slice that connects people with local pizza spots (maybe like Tinder, but you’re swiping right on deep dish and not a possible bot). To avoid The Noid entirely, it’s possible to pay through the app or Apple Pay, so there’s no awkward calculating of tip money for the pizza person.

The app has about 6,000 participating pizzerias nationwide, and is free to use. Happy holidays.