Love Taco Bell? You Can Now Sleep in One

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For one night only, a Taco Bell in Chatham, Ontario, will transform itself into an Airbnb available to four Taco Bell-obsessed guests.

The one-night-only event is to generate hype for Taco Bell’s newest item, the Steak Doubledilla. In support of that, the Airbnb trip has appropriately been dubbed the “Steakcation.”

According to Airbnb:

Our Taco Bell location in Chatham, Ontario will be outfitted with two sets of bunk beds, some comfy chairs, and a big screen TV. Not only will you dine on Steak Doubledillas … we’ll also have video games, movies, and lots of other stuff to keep you entertained. Plus, our Taco Bell Butler will be there to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Rules for the stay include:

- If sharing salsa, no double dipping your chips.
- Eating Steak Doubledillas in bed is not only allowed, but encouraged.
- Making that squeaking sound with your straw and cup lid is annoying. Quit it.
- Don’t feed the Taco Bell Butler. Wait, that’s not very nice. We’ll leave that up to you.
- Live Más

So it sounds like a pretty swell time—plus, it’s a free vacation, should you win the contest to stay there. Folks who are interested can see the details and enter via Airbnb here. The contest closes on Oct. 11, so those interested should get on that. The winner’s stay will be on the night of Oct. 17.