10 of TV's Biggest Eaters

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10 of TV's Biggest Eaters

A common trope in television shows, from live action sitcoms to animated series, is the character with an insatiable, monstrous appetite. When this character pops up onscreen, expect plenty of plot lines and punchlines centered solely around food, and for them also to be clutching some sort of snack in their hands.

Below, we highlight 10 of television’s biggest eaters, from the lasagna-obsessed to the cocaine-eating and physics-defying.

1. Scooby and Shaggy

You know a character is a big eater when their meal of choice literally defies logic and/or physics. Take Scooby, Shaggy and their impossibly large sandwiches, which they’re somehow able to eat by unhinging their jaws like a snake. But their appetites don’t stop at sandwiches: the famous human-and-dog duo will also consume huge stacks of pancakes with a flood of syrup, whole trays of ice cream cones and, of course, an array of Scooby snacks.

2. Liz Lemon

liz lemon hot dog.jpg When you end up shouting, “You’ll all have chins!” because someone stole your mac ‘n’ cheese, you’ll know you’re heading into Liz Lemon territory. 30 Rock’s beloved Liz Lemon is known almost as much for her appetite as she is her unluckiness in life, love and everything else. From working on her night cheese to downing whole bags of Sabor de Soledad, not much in Liz’s life doesn’t revolve around food.

3. Rory and Lorelai Gilmore

gilmore-girls-lorelai-gilmore-rory-gilmore.jpg Coffee! Pop-Tarts! Gigantic, abandoned meals at Luke’s diner! The Gilmore Girls eat and drink it all, and also have a similarly logic-defying way of staying thin. There’s nothing much this duo won’t eat, except maybe a healthy, home-cooked meal. Nope, it’s Chinese takeout all the way. In fact, when Rory begins eating healthily and going to the gym in the later seasons, it only serves as a sign of the Gilmore girls drifting away and gaining independence from one another.

4. Garfield

Garfield loves lasagna. No, he really, really loves it, which explains why he’s willing to swan dive into hot trays of the pasta. But it’s not just lasagna—he also loves pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches and more. The fact that there’s a song called “Eat, Garfield, Eat” basically sums it up.

5. Homer Simpson

screen-shot-2012-05-01-at-1-09-15-am.png All-you-can-eat restaurants are afraid of him. Other restaurants in Springfield rely solely on his appetite to keep them afloat. He once sold his soul for a donut and has been known to steal ice cream trucks. It’s safe to say that Homer Simpson has an enormous appetite and possibly the biggest one on television. But you can’t blame him, it’s glandular.

6. Joey Tribbiani

3714602172ab8625273497e3ca59a8ce.jpg Capable of eating whole Thanksgiving turkeys (which he wears special sweatpants for to prepare), Joey Tribbiani has the biggest appetite on Friends, to the point where he’ll eat disgusting things like Rachel’s abomination of a trifle (claiming it has all of his favorite things, including meat and jam) and the entire contents of a fridge to keep the food from spoiling.

7. The Citizens of Pawnee

7-fictional-tv-and-movie-burger-joints-that-need-to-actually-exist.jpg Pawnee citizens regularly flock to Paunch Burger, a chain known for such delicacies as the Dinner for Breakfast burger combo, and which uses an overweight man as its logo. They’re also repeatedly referred to as unhealthy throughout the run of the series thanks to their diets (and the output of the Sweetums factory). If the appetites of main Parks and Recreation characters like Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope are anything to go off, it’s safe to say that Pawnee is full of big eaters.

8. Pam Poovey

pam gyro.jpg Archer’s Pam Poovey is often seen eating or drinking, from a cavalcade of hot dogs to giant martinis to whole lobster legs. She even ate a whole bag of cocaine. It’s safe to say that when you have an appetite on cocaine, you might just be a big eater.

9. Eric Cartman

714_image-20.jpg Cartman is known for many horrible things, with his monstrous appetite among them. The South Park character has eaten countless meals, snorted chicken and even gleefully licked up tears. When it comes to some of the show’s more disgusting jokes, Cartman and his appetite is often the source.

10. Sylvia Fine

Fran Fine’s beloved mother, Sylvia, was frequently the butt of jokes thanks to her insatiability on The Nanny. Sylvia was constantly visiting just to ask Niles the butler to make her breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack—just because. As Sylvia says, according to her weight chart, she should be 7’1, but it never stops her. Eat on, Sylvia.