Watch a Comedian Hilariously Yet Convincingly Pose as a Whole Foods Employee

Food Video
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Whether they shop at Whole Foods or not, most people can admit that the grocery chain does carry a bit of a holier-than-thou aura. So, when actor/comedian Tyler Fischer was sent on a mission by Elite Daily to get all pretentious about produce, no one seemed to doubt that he was a real Whole Foods employee.

Throughout the video, Fischer offers plenty of unsolicited product info to customers, such as proudly telling a man in the milk section, “We used some homosexual cows for this batch.” He also lets a woman know that her squash was hand-picked by free-range Guatemalan children, adding, “They’re free-range kids, so we let them roam around whatever room they’re in at the time.” The poseur-employee later informs a few unsuspecting shoppers that all of the products are now “upper-middle class certified” and that if they inform the cashier that they’re voting for Hilary Clinton, they’ll receive 3 percent off and a free plantain.