Halo Infinite Doesn't Let You Replay Campaign Missions

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<i>Halo Infinite</i> Doesn't Let You Replay Campaign Missions

It appears that the transition to an open world model has created a hitch in Halo Infinite: you can’t replay missions after they’ve been completed. Polygon reported yesterday that the semi-open world design precludes a feature that had been a mainstay of Halo. You can revisit old areas now in the Zeta Halo, but not old checkpoints that might have been cleared by those areas; you can find some old hidden items, but it hasn’t been confirmed that you can find all of them. The first two missions take place off Zeta Halo, and there’s no way to revisit those areas once the missions are complete.

343 Industries confirmed to the team at The Verge last night that this feature is in the works. An exact date hasn’t been named, so it is unclear if this will be released with campaign co-op and Forge mode (a game mode which has in the past allowed players to design their own maps for games).

Halo Infinite’s campaign has been well-reviewed so far, sitting at an 86 on Metascore for the Xbox Series X, despite a handful of mixed reviews. Time will tell whether fans and media will have their ire raised by a game that, even with players enjoying a multiplayer that released early and the campaign released today, seems more and more unfinished.