Adventure Game Blackwood Crossing Channels British Storybooks, Donnie Darko

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“You’re lucky you don’t remember,” Scarlett says. “You wouldn’t say that if you knew,” Finn responds.

Scarlett and Finn are the sibling orphans at the center of PaperSeven’s just-announced adventure game Blackwood Crossing. With this narrative-driven, first-person game, they aim to explore the sibling relationship between the main characters after an encounter with a magical figure on a train ride.

blackwood finn and scarlet.jpg

Between the trailer, the screenshots and the British accents, the game has a very storybook feel. The trailer is set to soft acoustic music and seems almost tranquil, until this thing shows up.

rabbit blackwood.jpg

It looks like a more cuddly version of the nightmare-inducing rabbit from Donnie Darko. Perhaps that rabbit is the figure PaperSeven mentioned.

blackwood crossing.jpg

PaperSeven was formed by a group of developers from Black Rock Studio, who developed the racing games Pure and Split Second. It’s interesting to see devs who got their start on racing games creating something totally different. We’re thoroughly interested in learning more about Blackwood Crossing, which launches on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One later this year. You can watch the trailer below.