Alan Wake is 90 Percent Off on Steam This Weekend Before It’s Gone Indefinitely

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<i>Alan Wake</i> is 90 Percent Off on Steam This Weekend Before It&#8217;s Gone Indefinitely

You guys like free stuff, right? How about free videogames? Well, we’re here to help turn a bummer into something positive: Alan Wake is completely leaving retail soon, but you can grab it for next to nothing if you’re quick.

Dubbed the “Alan Wake Sunset Sale” by developer Remedy, the 2010 game will be marked down 90 percent by Steam and whichever other retailers choose to participate in the sale. We’re not sure if that means the game will go for $5.99 or $29.99 (the game’s original MSRP was $59.99, of course, but seven years later it’s down to $29.99 on the digital platform). Starting May 13, the game, its DLC and its smaller-scale sequel Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will all be discounted equally.

You can read Remedy’s forum post about the sale and subsequent goodbye here. Thanks to a lack of negotiation regarding Alan Wake’s licensed music, the studio is being forced to pull their game from the marketplace. They apparently learned their lesson by the time American Nightmare rolled around, as that will remain available, but alas, they have no choice but to retire the first entry as we know it.

Look, we obviously don’t work for Remedy or Microsoft, but we think you should grab the game while you can. If Alan Wake ever returns to retail, it almost surely won’t be in the exact same form (it’s music will likely be changed, at the very least). But don’t just take it from us, take it from former IGN editor and current Star Wars Battlefront II writer Mitch Dyer. Listen to Mitch.