Barbie's Dream House Is Getting Wi-Fi

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In our technology driven world, it would only make sense that the newest iteration of Barbie’s Dream House would feature what is quickly becoming a staple in every American Home—wi-fi.

Previewed at the International Toy Fair, Mattel’s new dream home has given the brand a major modern face-lift and is once again adapting to our changing standards of luxury. Priced at $299, the opulent property features a purple sofa, orange chairs, plenty of chandeliers, and a staircase that turns into a slide.

That’s just the traditional stuff though. Unlike its predecessors, the newest Dream House is incredibly tech savvy, syncing up to wi-fi and responding to voice requests. Using the house’s accompanying app, kids can use voice commands to turn on the lights and the fake toy oven.

The re-imagining goes along well with Mattel’s recent makeover of its Barbie line, which now includes a multitude of races, hair, height, and body types. Though that branding change seems like money better spent.