DICE Reveals Even More Details About Battlefield V's Single-Player Campaign

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DICE Reveals Even More Details About <i>Battlefield V</i>'s Single-Player Campaign

Following the release of a story trailer on Tuesday, DICE has dished out some new details on each of the campaign’s missions. Along with a prologue, there will be three War Story missions available at launch, with a fourth arriving in December. DICE boasts in its blog post that each one will focus on untold stories, drawing inspiration from true events. Here’s what you can expect from each one.

The “Nordlys” tale is the one we’ve seen the most of thus far, as it was first teased way back at E3 this year. Our main character in this story is a Norwegian resistance fighter whose story focuses on protecting her family and liberating her country. While players search for a lost loved one, they’ll uncover a dangerous plot.

“Under No Flag” throws a British criminal in with a Special Boat Section Unit. Billy Bridger, the criminal and main character, is on a redemptive journey with themes of “grit, determination and second chances,” according to DICE.

“Tirailleur” follows two Senegalese men fighting for the French Colonial Forces. This story digs into the trenches of World War II, with a focus on infantry warfare and fighting for a country in which our main characters have never set foot.

The final War Story arrives in December, and is titled “The Last Tiger.” It’s also one of the riskiest, as players take control of a post-war German unit. Now that the German army is in shambles and without a leader, the unit begins to question their actions and the ideals of their cause. In an interview with Eurogamer, DICE made a point to say that the player character was “not a Nazi,” but simply depicts the German perspective.

With each of these stories, DICE introduce players to different, unheard perspectives in World War II. From Senegalese soldiers victimized by colonization to pseudo-Nazis, there’s quite the spectrum there. Story Design Director Eric Holmes said, “We’re not afraid of digging into the heavy topics,” though handling those topics correctly is a different beast entirely.

See Battlefield V’s single-player story in action here.