Blendo Games' Cyberpunk Heist Adventure Quadrilateral Cowboy is Releasing July 25th

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Quadrilateral Cowboy is the next game from indie studio Blendo Games and is finally coming out July 25. Blendo is Brendon Chung’s one-person studio and released well-loved first-person story games including Thirty Flights of Loving, Gravity Bone and the real-time strategy game Atom Zombie Smasher.

Quadrilateral Cowboy labels itself as twentieth century cyberpunk and focuses on using programming—literally typing lines of code—to interact with the world and pull off heists. Brendon Chung’s games have a consistent aesthetic and we’ve loved them before. We’re looking forward to seeing what he’s done with Quadrilateral Cowboy. You can watch the game’s only trailer, all the way back from 2013, below.