Déraciné Coming to PS VR in November

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<i>Déraciné</i> Coming to PS VR in November

Those who watched Sony’s press conference at E3 may remember an ominous trailer for a VR game by From Software and Japan Studio. It seemed like the conference was over, then the trailer came out of nowhere. That game was Déraciné, and it’s coming out Nov. 6 of this year. This announcement went live on the Playstation Blog Monday morning and was penned by one of Japan Studio’s producers, Masaaki Yamagiwa.

Coming from the makers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, players have been waiting for any information about the game—that finally arrives with this announcement. Yamagiwa describes Déraciné as an exploration game with a focus on allowing players to make connections based on small instances. Those discoveries turn a seemingly quiet world into one filled with possibility.

Yamagiwa makes a point to touch on Déraciné’s nostalgic experience for fans of classic adventure games. Players control an unseeable faerie, exploring a boarding school and learning about the people in it. It sounds like the perfect immersive sim for VR; players can lose themselves in the environment and sleuth out information at their own pace.

Unfortunately for those unable to shell out for a PS VR, though, Déraciné will slip away: VR is required, according to the Playstation website. Although the hardware has maintained the same lukewarm following since its launch, with the backing of Japan Studios and From Software, Déraciné could be the game to change that. These studios are taking an exciting step outside of their sandbox with this game, as well as the forthcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Players ready to commit to Déraciné can preorder now for a few bonuses, including avatars and a dynamic theme. For $29.99, you can get a digital copy on the Playstation Store, or head over to your local GameStop for a physical version.

Watch the game’s date reveal trailer below.