The Deadly Premonition Board Game Crushed Its Kickstarter Goal, Will Be A Thing

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The <i>Deadly Premonition</i> Board Game Crushed Its Kickstarter Goal, Will Be A Thing

Fans of the survival-horror videogame Deadly Premonition now have a tabletop board game on its way for when they want some time away from the screen. Production for the board game, backed by Rising Star Games, was contingent on the game’s Kickstarter page scoring $50,000 by June 8—it’s already exceeded this goal with $86,647 at the time of this writing.

The Kickstarter page features a short promo for the game and gives a quick rundown on gameplay, which features both roleplaying and intrigue. The game has a rousing endorsement from the videogame’s designer, Hidetaka Suehiro, or Swery for short. Donations still haven’t closed, so, if you’re interested in limited-edition Deadly Premonition merch (both from the videogame and the board game), you can donate on the Kickstarter page.

Watch a promo for the board game below, plus Swery’s endorsement, and read Paste’s top 10 picks for open world games (among which Deadly Premonition is included) here.