Watch the Trailer for Deathloop, the New Game from Arkane Studios

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Watch the Trailer for <i>Deathloop</i>, the New Game from Arkane Studios

It’s official: Broken time loops are the concept du jour. Between this year’s television hit Russian Doll and indie game revelation Outer Wilds, it’s been quite the year for time-travel puzzle boxes. Well, get ready to add another name to that list: Deathloop, the just-announced new game from Arkane Lyon.

Deathloop’s first trailer premiered during Bethesda’s E3 showcase. Set on the Black Reef, two assassins—one named The Captain, the other Jules—repeatedly kill each other; The Captain thinks that killing Jules is the only way off the island, while Jules sees her cyclical quest as a way to preserve the island’s powers.

No gameplay is shown in the trailer, but there’s enough information to guess at what it’ll be like—a combination of gun combat, magical powers and freerunning exploration. That’s familiar territory for Arkane, the minds behind the exceptionally well-made Dishonored games. The trailer has a neo-noir by way of Saul Bass look to it, which promises some eye-catching visual design for the game, too.

That’s about all we know on Deathloop for now—no release date, no console information, nothing else. Bethesda Softworks will be publishing the game. Check out the trailer below.