Undertale Creator Surprise-Releases New Game, Deltarune

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<i>Undertale</i> Creator Surprise-Releases New Game, <i>Deltarune</i>


This is the one line in the terms of agreement that you read before downloading Deltarune, a Halloween surprise from Undertale creator Toby Fox (and yes, it’s an anagram of “Undertale”). Released in 2015, Undertale was met with overwhelming critical acclaim that helped launch it to cult status. The internet was taken by storm with fan art, game imitations, discussions and much more based on the game. There is still a huge amount of love for the title, as evidenced by the excitement on social media following Toby Fox’s tease of Deltarune on Tuesday.

It’s hard to say as to whether Deltarune is a spinoff, a sequel or a demo. We won’t tell you: You’re encouraged to download it here, as well as to follow the request of not sharing details of Deltarune for the next 24 hours. It’s a short download at 92 MB, so if you are on Windows or Mac, feel free to download Toby Fox’s Halloween surprise.