Bungie Removes Destiny 2 Item That Resembles White Nationalist Symbol

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Bungie Removes <i>Destiny 2</i> Item That Resembles White Nationalist Symbol

Well, here’s a mistake you don’t see very often. While Destiny 2 players are looking forward to new content, developer Bungie is updating the game to remove something—something that can be construed as quite offensive. Bungie tweeted:

While Bungie did not specify the “gauntlets” that contain the “hate symbol,” Redditors on /r/DestinyTheGame did some detective work and found their way to the “Road Complex AA1” legendary gauntlets. A quote on the item’s page states, “An adventurer’s spirit is a tool so few possess. Own it. Enjoy it.” Well, it may be hard to enjoy the symbol on the item, as it resembles the logo for “Kek,” a World of Warcraft meme that was hijacked by the alt-right and refashioned into a symbol of white nationalism.

The so-called “national flag of Kekistan” itself is based on a Nazi Germany war flag, and the Road Complex AA1 gauntlets sports a very similar font and color scheme as the flag that white supremacists held up in Charlottesville so recently.

Whether the item itself or just the design will be removed was not made clear by Bungie. In the meanwhile, check out our review for Destiny 2, a game now mostly devoid of racist imagery, here.