Capcom Announces Retro Disney Afternoon Collection

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Capcom Announces Retro <i>Disney Afternoon Collection</i>

Heads up, nostalgia-havers. Today Capcom announced the Disney Afternoon Collection, a PS4, Xbox One and PC-bound bundle of six classic NES games.

Included are Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Ducktales, Ducktales 2, Darkwing Duck and Talespin. The most notable addition to these games is a new “rewind” feature that allows players to turn back time, thus making these old-timey sidescrollers accessible to the softer, newer generations accustomed to the ease of modern 3D gaming.

Add to this boss rush and time attack modes, a wealth of behind-the-scenes “museum” content, and a requisite 1080p up-res, and you’ve got yourself what sure sounds like a modern remaster. The unchanged versions of these games are available on Nintendo’s virtual console for a bit more money, and this bonus-filled package will only cost you $19.99.

The Disney Afternoon Collection will release for the aforementioned platforms on April 18. Go ahead and check out the announcement trailer below.