Doom 3 Is Coming to PlayStation VR

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<i>Doom 3</i> Is Coming to PlayStation VR

Doom 3 is ready to rip and tear again, but this time in virtual reality. According to the PlayStation Blog, Doom 3 and its expansions are coming to PSVR later this month as Doom 3: VR Edition. and it kind of looks like a perfect fit.

I’m a baby born in ‘97, which means that Doom kind of means next to nothing to me. I’ve played the 2016 reboot, which I loved, and last year’s Eternal, which I did not love, and that’s about it.

That being said, I’m a big speedrun guy so I’ve seen plenty of past titles and Doom 3 has always seemed like a bit of an outlier. I get that it’s slower and moodier and kind of a horror game, rather than the thrilling “boomer shooter” that Doom provided the mold for all those years back, and which the reboot games have harkened back to. But that’s perfect for VR, because I think anything that goes faster than Doom 3 would probably melt people’s eyes. It’d be rip, tear, hurl.

The game looks to really settle into VR quite naturally too. According to the blog, VR brings such enhancements as the ability to “peer around corners” or even allow you full 180 degree turn functionality so as to “catch demons sneaking up from behind.” There’s also a fresh new addition in the form of a wristwatch that keeps track of your health, armor and ammo.

The brief teaser that we got of Doom 3: VR Edition shows off the haunted-looking UAC facility you explore throughout the game, and the vibe you get off of it just about screams Dead Space more than it ever does Doom. If I had a VR unit, I’d be all in on this and if you do, you can experience it for yourself when the game releases on PSVR on Mar. 29.