Wandersong Developer Announces New Project, Drawdog

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<i>Wandersong</i> Developer Announces New Project, <i>Drawdog</i>

Greg Lobanov, the creator of Wandersong, has revealed that he is working on a new game.

The new game is titled Drawdog, and it’s about … a dog who draws. That’s about all we know from the official Twitter account, which has posted a short .GIF to greet everyone.

Many fans are already excited, and not just because it’s a game in which you’ll be able to play as a cute and creative dog. Wandersong made Paste’s list of the top 15 Switch games of 2018, in no small part due to its captivating combination of gameplay and narrative that feels reminiscent of children’s storybooks.

Wandersong is available for PC, Mac and the Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more on Drawdog.