You Can Play the Dreams Beta Starting Tomorrow ... on One Condition

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You Can Play the <i>Dreams</i> Beta Starting Tomorrow ... on One Condition

Monday, Media Molecule announced on Twitter that it would have a “totally normal” Dreams livestream. During the livestream, the company then announced that people who are subscribed to the Media Molecule newsletter will be able to play the Dreams beta tomorrow, Dec. 19.

If you’re signed up to the newsletter, you will receive an email invite to the beta, which won’t be available for everyone else until Jan. 4, 2019.

Dreams is a game from Media Molecule that will give you the “space in which to create your own dreams, whether they’re games, art, films, music or anything in-between and beyond.” It is published by Sony and scheduled for a 2019 release. The game is meant to heavily rely on its community because it is being created with the intention of being defined by players more than by the developers.

You can watch the archived livestream via Twitch here. The beta will last until Jan. 21, 2019. You can still sign up for the Media Molecule newsletter in time to get early access.