Here's a New Trailer for This Year's E3, Which Starts Tomorrow

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Here's a New Trailer for This Year's E3, Which Starts Tomorrow

The official launch trailer for E3 2021 has been released in preparation for the event, which begins at 10 a.m. tomorrow. The video showcases colorful visuals of controllers and other accessories from beloved consoles and platforms, as well as the names of the developers and other special guests who will be attending the event.

The event will take place virtually from June 12-15, and will be livestreamed on various platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. E3 also just released the full schedule for the event.

Standout developers that were featured in the trailer include Xbox, Bethesda, Nintendo and Ubisoft. One company that notably will not be attending is Sony, who hasn’t been at an E3 event since 2018. This will give more space to other competing companies, and could possibly mean that a State of Play event is in the near future.

E3 2021 will be hosted by Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez, Greg Miller and Jacki Jing, and will include a large variety of special guests such as Deadmau5 and T-Pain.

Since last year’s event was cancelled due to the pandemic, this event is much anticipated despite being entirely virtual. Watch the official trailer for E3 2021 below.