Here Are the Highlights from the Xbox and Bethesda E3 Showcase

Games News E3 2021
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Here Are the Highlights from the Xbox and Bethesda E3 Showcase

One of the more anticipated events in the E3 2021 lineup was the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, which took place yesterday and was the first event hosted by both companies together after Microsoft acquired Bethesda last September. The new games featured at this showcase represent a new era for Xbox games, with a collection of new titles that will mostly be console exclusives.

The showcase started off with a teaser trailer for Bethesda’s Starfield, a space exploration game set to release exclusively on the Xbox Series X/S and PC on Nov. 11, 2022. The game will be available to play day one with Xbox Game Pass.

A cinematic trailer for Halo Infinite was shown, along with some multiplayer footage. The game will be available Holiday 2021 and will feature a paid campaign and a free-to-play multiplayer mode. The trailer shows Master Chief floating through a wrecked ship, only to stumble upon a new AI who seems to be Cortana’s replacement. The multiplayer component features new tools such as a grappling hook that lets you pick up objects, and it will also include the classic capture the flag mode.

Other notable reveals include a trailer for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl, a game centered around a group of men who are faced with the mutated creatures resulting from Chernobyl. The survival horror game will be released on both Xbox and PC on April 28, 2022.

There was also a trailer for Back 4 Blood, a first-person shooter zombie game made by the creators of Left 4 Dead. It will be released on Oct. 12 on the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

Viewers also got an extra look into Far Cry 6 and Battlefield 2042, which both had reveals in the weeks leading up to E3 2021.

Outside of new game announcements, Hades will now be available on the Xbox Game Pass on Aug. 13. There will also be new additions to Fallout 76, including the “Steel Reign’’ expansion and new “Expeditions” that feature new sites such as “The Pitt” from Fallout 3.

For more details on other games and updates announced at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, check out the original livestream from the E3 2021 event below.