Nintendo Joins Forces with ELEAGUE for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Series

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Nintendo Joins Forces with ELEAGUE for <i>Super Smash Bros. Ultimate</i> Tournament Series

Tuesday afternoon, ELEAGUE announced a landmark partnership with Nintendo built around its forthcoming title, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As part of the game’s announcement earlier this year, an invitational tournament was held. It’s that event that’s going to be televised and repackaged as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational 2018 presented by ELEAGUE.

Players who want to see more of the Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational will be able to do just that. This three-part series begins airing exclusively on TBS this November, and the game itself launches just a few weeks after that on Dec. 7. Per ELEAGUE, the show will focus on some of the game’s best-known characters, as well as the professional players themselves.

Nintendo is certainly getting some PR out of the event, but this could also mean the publisher is slowly dipping into e-sports involvement. In the past, Nintendo’s been notoriously hands off in that department. And there are plans for more announcements leading up to the airing, ELEAGUE confirms, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out the teaser below.