Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Gets A Surprise Hotfix Update Today Fixing Several Issues

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<i>Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout</i> Gets A Surprise Hotfix Update Today Fixing Several Issues

With a surprise announcement on Twitter, Mediatonic has released a second hotfix for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout a week earlier than anticipated. It adds some heavily requested features, as well as improves on the changes made in the previous update.

Among the changes, team games will now only be thrown into the round selection algorithm if the team sizes can be equal. This change, combined with the Aug. 20 update which ensured that team games would not occur back-to-back, should cut back on the amount of team games that players encounter.

Players can no longer grab some of the moving obstacles in the Slime Climb map, and the geometry of Jump Showdown has been changed. Both of these changes are in response to players being able to exploit quirks in the map to gain advantages over other players.

Other changes include a fix for the five most frequent crashes, visual fixes for outfits and improved store purchase dialog. You can see a full list of changes on the Fall Guys Twitter account.

Not making the cut this time around is the spectating camera defaulting to showing team mates first, which has been pushed back into the next update.

Mediatonic has also recently addressed the problem of hackers within Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, saying that they are aware of the problem and are closing in on a more immediate solution.

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