Check Out the Gameplay Trailer For the Final Fallout 4 DLC, Nuka World

Games Video Fallout 4
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Fallout 4’s been out for over 9 months now, and what a long strange trip deep into the heart of post-apocalyptic Red Sox Nation it’s been. Your final chance to visit a new corner of this bombed-out Boston comes on August 30, with the release of Nuka World, the last of the game’s six DLC releases. The twenty dollar add-on will take you to an entire theme park overrun by Raiders, with its own distinct themed areas. Imagine Mad Max Goes to Disneyland, but full of Fallout 4’s patented retrofuturustic kitsch. Or don’t imagine anything and just watch the trailer above to get an idea of what you’ll be grinding through in just over two weeks’ time.

Nuka World will be available throughout the world for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on Tuesday, August 30.