Fallout 76's Roadmap Promises a Busy 2021

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<i>Fallout 76</i>'s Roadmap Promises a Busy 2021

Fallout 76’s future is looking bright, or at least as bright as a post-apocalypse survival game can realistically look, with today’s announcement of the game’s roadmap for the next year.

The roadmap outlines seasonal updates meant to keep players coming back for more. While the beginning of it seems frontloaded with quality of life tweaks, later additions seem to be teasing much more in the form of tangible content and rewards, like quests, NPCs, locations and new gear.

Beginning this spring, Fallout 76 players will be able to make loadouts of their S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats, as well as reassign them after level 25 for free. Alongside that, you will have additional C.A.M.P slots, meaning you no longer are limited to just one base of operations. This is just some of the high level stuff coming as part of the game’s “Locked and Loaded” update that’ll be dropping soon, with tons more tweaks also being made.

In the summer, Fallout 76 will be concluding the arc they began with the in-game faction, The Brotherhood of Steel, in their “Steel Reign” update. The update will tout “new quests, locations, NPCs, and powerful new rewards,” as well as “Legendary modules” to craft Legendary armor.

According to Bethesda, “the winds of change are coming” in the fall as part of an unnamed update that the developer has said they will talk about later down the line. In the meantime, Bethesda has detailed some of the winter update that will be coming after, titled “Tales From the Stars,” which looks to unite players against a common foe from beyond our world in a new public event. There will also be a new seasonal event related to the Cultists of Appalachia simply called The Ritual, because of course we should tie the cultists to the potential for aliens.

Bethesda will be hosting an AMA on the Fallout 76 subreddit tomorrow, March 22, in order to answer any potential questions about the roadmap.

While we don’t know much about some of these later updates yet, it is good to know they’re coming and that the game’s still being supported.