Watch The Trailer For Fallout: 76's Wastelanders Update, Their Largest to Date

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Watch The Trailer For <i>Fallout: 76</i>'s <i>Wastelanders</i> Update, Their Largest to Date

Thursday, Bethesda shared a trailer for their latest Fallout: 76 update Wastelanders. Touted as their largest to date, it comes coupled with a new main quest, NPCs, choices, companions and a reputation system.

The trailer shows Fallout: 76’s West Virginia in flux, with people returning to the area along with their accompanying factions. The player will be caught between these two, the Settlers and Raiders, and be the one to decide the fate of Appalachia with their choices. The all new reputation system will be directly effected by these interactions, showcasing your standing with both the Settlers and Raiders throughout the quest.

Wastelanders was set to drop on April 7, but was pushed back to April 14 due to complications arisen from the COVID-19 outbreak. On the same day, Fallout: 76 will arrive on Steam. If you previously owned the game on, you can claim a free Steam copy by linking the two before 11:59 PM EST on April 12.

Old school Bethesda fans are eager (or tentative) to see whether this new update fixes the never-ending list of issues the game has faced since its launch. With a new story able to be morphed and bent by player choice, it seems like the company is leaning in to what makes a Fallout game so appealing.