Fallout Shelter Gets Quests, Combat, and a PC Port in Biggest Update Yet

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Bethesda released update 1.6 for Fallout Shelter, their hit free-to-play spinoff of the Fallout series. More than a year after the initial launch, this update is the game’s biggest yet. It adds a whole questing system and new, more involved combat mechanics. Before this update, players would just send vault dwellers out into the wasteland to collect new items, but they wouldn’t be involved in any substantive way. Now players will be able to tackle specific quests that send an assembled group of dwellers to new locations, including the Red Rocket Fuel Stop and the Super Duper Mart. On these quests, dwellers will fight new enemies and bosses for legendary loot.

Along with quests, this update also adds a deeper combat mechanic. In vanilla Fallout Shelter, players would just tell a dweller to attack an enemy, and if they were out exploring you wouldn’t even see them on-screen. Now, players can take direct control over dwellers and carefully line up critical hits.

fallout shelter combat

In addition to all this, Fallout Shelter launches on PC today. The PC version comes with every update, including this one, already installed, and like the mobile version, is free-to-play. It is only available via Bethesda.net. You can check out the game’s new trailer below.