New Far Cry Game's Title, Cover Art Leaked Ahead of Reveal

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New <i>Far Cry</i> Game's Title, Cover Art Leaked Ahead of Reveal

On Dec. 5, the Far Cry Twitter account posted a short teaser for a forthcoming Far Cry game. Ubisoft stated that more would be revealed Thursday night, but more has been revealed several hours in advance, and in a way Ubisoft didn’t plan for.

On Dec. 6, a post on Reddit revealed the title and cover art of the game. It spread once Twitter user @Wario64 posted the box art. The game is called Far Cry: New Dawn, and you can see its cover below, though it’s worth noting that none of this has been authenticated yet.

Without veering into significant spoiler territory, it seems like the game will be connected to Far Cry 5, if not a direct sequel. We’ve had a lot to say about that game, from how it talked a lot but never had much of significance to say to its shallow portrayal of Christian fundamentalism.

You can expect to see more of Far Cry: New Dawn soon.