Atlanta FaZe Make Call of Duty League History by Defending Homestead Against Florida

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Atlanta FaZe Make <i>Call of Duty</i> League History by Defending Homestead Against Florida

Atlanta FaZe defended their homestead this past weekend with four straight wins, making history in the Call of Duty League as the first team to do so. They defeated the Florida Mutineers in the finals to secure the win, with Cellium named MVP.

The Mutineers contested fiercely, especially when they gave the Chicago Huntsman their first loss of the season in the semifinals.Twin brothers Prestinii and Arcitys had an emotional face-off for the spot against FaZe, and Prestinii’s team advanced. There are still strong ties between the two sides, as the two were longtime teammates.

The next home series belongs to Optic Gaming and the Guerillas in Los Angeles in March, where the Mutineers will have a shot at revenge when they face the FaZe in the first round. OpTic should be the focus, though, if they can change their performance this season. The team have yet to win a match, so hopefully their home-court advantage will help them secure a victory. They will be facing the Guerillas who are also struggling with a 1-3 record, so the odds are favorable for OpTic.

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