The 20 Best Final Fantasy Summons

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The 20 Best Final Fantasy Summons

Role-playing games often take you on great journeys, and on those adventures you’ll often run across a number of individuals who eventually join your growing party. These additions are varied in a way to give you every asset you need to beat the game, and experience every facet of combat, from magic and specialized attacks, to just plain ol’ hitting someone with a sword.

Sometimes, though, you need to call in some extra firepower. This is where summons come in; by invoking powerful beasts and historical beings, gods and demons, summoning brings an extra bit of “oomph” to the table. Some heal your party, some damage your enemies with different elements or status effects. Summons are the extra flair to your party, and no one does them better than Final Fantasy, the grandad of summoning. Final Fantasy’s pantheon of summoned units have become as recognizable as the main cast themselves, and tend to be one of the only through-threads that persists through each new entry. So with Final Fantasy XV out today, let’s reflect on Square’s biggest and brightest, with some of our favorite summons in the Final Fantasy canon.

Eric Van Allen is a Texas-based writer. You can follow his e-sports and games rumblings @seamoosi on Twitter.