Your Toaster of a PC WIll Be Able to Run Fortnite Thanks to Its New Performance Mode

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Your Toaster of a PC WIll Be Able to Run <I>Fortnite</I> Thanks to Its New Performance Mode

Epic Games announced on Monday that a performance mode is on its way to Fortnite which aims to increase framerates on older PCs at the expense of visual quality, provided a player’s PC still meets the Fortnite minimum system requirements.

The Alpha version is set to release on Dec. 15 and will support Battle Royale and Creative modes. Users running Fortnite on older hardware will be prompted to turn on performance mode when launching the game. However, performance mode will not be necessary for those with older PCs to play the game, and the mode can be disabled at any time through in-game settings.

Epic provided two example sets that compared to Fortnite’s low scalability mode, the game’s current solution for older PCs, to performance mode on older hardware. In both examples, framerates were more than doubled when performance mode was enabled.

For those concerned about hard drive space, players will also be about to opt-out of high-resolution textures altogether. The option to disable these textures is available under the game’s launch options In the Epic Games launcher and will save players about 14 GB, bringing the total game size down to 17 GB.

While Epic said that performance mode will offer improvements for all users that opt-in, they are still recommending older PC players try to run the game off an SSD or have at least 6 GB of RAM to see a reduction in overall hitches and stutters.