Epic Games' Fortnite Hits Early Access in July

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Epic Games' <i>Fortnite</i> Hits Early Access in July

The next chapter for Epic Games, creators behind the Unreal, Gears of War, Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade series of games, is Fortnite. This action-packed fort defense/builder title is hitting early access on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mac on July 25.

From the arena shooter that inspired the Halo series to a fort defense? Epic Games is taking an leap into a universe where crafting and looting is key. In Fortnite, players will team up and build forts to fight off horde after horde of monsters. You’ll have to explore, battle and defend to make it through each round.

For those who preorder the Founder’s Pack, you’ll get access to the game on July 21, along with a bunch of other goodies like heroes, loot, weapons, and boosts. On top of that, you’ll have exclusive access to events later on in the season. Epic Games is also partnering with Gearbox to bring a physical version of the game to retail.

Already piquing your interest? Make sure to check out the trailer below.