Game About Building Ikea Furniture Is as Hard as Building Ikea Furniture

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No instructions are needed to play this indie game simulation of Ikea furniture building. Höme Improvisåtion is the latest in a line of games making players ask, “Why?” It’s an amateur do-it-yourself game without direction, without reason and most importantly without logic. Now if you can only find out what to do with that extra piece.

We all know about the Swedish retailer of the world’s greatest and most fanciful ready-to-assemble furniture. If you’ve ever tried to assemble anything from Ikea, you will also know that an instruction manual is included to throw you off your game. The development team of Höme Improvisåtion know the truth. A true craftsman doesn’t need instructions. That’s why they didn’t include any.

The game was developed by the obviously deranged group of Aj Kolenc, Jessica Jackson, Colton Spross and Josh Faubel in less than 48 hours as part of the recent Global Game Jam held in Atlanta. Because two heads are better than one, the team has included a multiplayer mode. Now you can yell at your partner to put the pieces in the right spots without any idea of what’s going on.

If you wish to practice building before your next purchase, Höme Improvisåtion can be downloaded for free here. Just remember, if everything looks like a bookshelf, you’re probably doing something wrong.