Check Out a Ton of New Ghost Recon: Wildlands Footage

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Hey, did you forget that a new Ghost Recon game is coming out in early March? In case you need your memory jogged, Ubisoft released a lengthy single-player demo today for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands to remind you what the game is all about.

Clocking in at almost 22 minutes, the video is narrated by Lead Game Designer Dominic Butler. He walks the viewer through the firefight-filled end of a mission to steal a bible, as well as the entirety of a stealthily approached extraction mission. The demo shows off both the game’s weapon customization options and the world’s weather and day/night systems.

Co-op play has been the focus of previous demos, and this demo makes sure to acknowledge that. Butler notes that while the person controlling the game is playing alone, he is still accompanied by three AI-controlled teammates in place of potential friends. The player is able to issue a host of commands to their squad, including ordering them to execute a “syncshot,” which can silently take out multiple enemies at once.

Recently, Vulture reported that Die Hard director John McTiernan was the one who secretly directed the a recent commercial (embedded below) for the newest Ghost Recon game, making it his first filmed project in almost 14 years. Weird.

If you’re interested in checking out the beta for Wildlands, you can sign up for that here. The game itself will be out for Xbox, PS4 and PC on March 7.