Ghost Recon: Wildlands Getting First Expansion Next Week

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<i>Ghost Recon: Wildlands</i> Getting First Expansion Next Week

Ubisoft announced today that Narco Road, the first expansion coming to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, will hit consoles and PC for season pass holders next week on April 18.

Becoming available to all other players on April 25 with a developer-suggested, standalone price of $14.99, this first DLC pack tasks players with infiltrating three smuggler gangs led by El Invisible. Here’s a quick rundown of the trio of gang bosses players need to win over, as well as a further description of the expansion:

-Eddie Escovado: The self-proclaimed social media star and adrenaline-addicted leader of the Kamikazes gang.
-Arturo Rey: The mysterious leader of the Death Riders, a gang of riders who worship Santa Muerte.
-Tonio Mateos: The arrogant leader of the Jinetes Locos, a gang specializing in racing muscle cars.

To earn the respect of these bosses, players will complete more than 15 fast-paced campaign missions. In addition to these new story missions, four new types of side missions and racing challenges offer adrenaline-fueled action. Completing these activities will earn players fame and followers. The more followers a player acquires, the more interest they will get from the gang bosses, and the closer they will come to bringing down El Invisible.

Narco Road also features nine new weapons, four new outfits and four new types of vehicles. Ubisoft says you can traverse the open world in “huge monster trucks, nitro-boosted muscle cars, powerful motorcycles and aerobatic planes.”

But first, a smaller update will roll out later this week, bringing solo and multiplayer challenges to the game:

Additionally, a new game update will be launching April 12 on consoles and April 14 on PC. The update will introduce weekly live season challenges in the form of solo, co-op and community tasks that refresh every Wednesday. Players who complete these challenges will be rewarded with up to three unique in-game rewards per week. Challenges will be available through multiple seasons, each of them lasting six weeks and featuring a specific theme. In the first season, The Rise and Fall of Unidad, players gather intel on Unidad’s operations and combat the threat to the country.

Ubisoft says the game’s second expansion, Fallen Ghosts, will be “available soon” and that players can expect a brand new PVP mode in the coming months. Be sure to stay tuned to Paste for more announcements and updates on Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ expansions.